Have you ever felt powerless? I know I have – many times. Just think of the last time you had the flu! Wouldn’t you have given anything to have it stop? Power is important. We need it. Rely on it. You wouldn’t buy a toaster or a vacuum that doesn’t work. Nor would you buy a car that only moved if you pushed it. We only want these things if they have power.

What about church/religion/God? The world offers so many options to those seeking. You can find a church to suit any interest or genre. So what makes Christianity so special? Paul, in his first letter to the Thessalonians wrote, “for our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance” (1:5). Christianity is not a religion that is made up of nice thoughts and empty words. God has power – and He will use it! Just as Elijah went altar to altar with the prophets of Baal and God showed up with undeniable power; just as Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified so that He could prove He was God by rising from the dead three days later; God still wants to move with power today. Can we say of our church or our own ministry that “our gospel [is not] in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit?” (1 Thess 1:5). I am not sure we can, or at least not consistently – but why would that be? God has the power available to us and He clearly desires to use it.

So why is our gospel so powerless? One of the questions that I have had the evil one plague me with at my lowest times is, “what has God done for you lately?” Outside of, well I am still breathing… sometimes, it can be hard to think of an answer. Has God lost His mojo? Am I just not important to Him anymore? No, that is not it. God’s word tells us: if we ask, it will be given (Matt 7:7); whatever we ask in [Jesus] name will be done (John 14:13); and we do not have, because we do not ask (or we ask amiss) (James 4:2-3). I am not asking. We as a corporate church are not asking. We need to be asking – begging – for God’s power and Holy Spirit to be present!

People want things that work. That have power. If our church or ministry has power, they will come. They will want it. They will want God! God’s power does not end when He saves us. He has so much more to do! It is time to humble ourselves before the Living God and sincerely ask for His will to be done, for His Spirit to anoint, and for His hand to move!

I know I need Him. Our church needs Him. Our city needs Him. Let’s open the door and invite Him in….