My Funeral

I have my funeral all planned out. That may sound a little funny, but I really want it to be the way I want it to be. So I have it planned. I want it to be a full-on worship service! Full band, lively music, people standing with hands in the air worshipping God, knowing that I am also worshipping Him. The difference is that I will have been released from the confines of this life and will be in His presence, worshipping at His feet! I want people to join me in that!

I also want the gospel message preached for those that may be present that don’t know the Lord. But as I was thinking about that today, I wondered: is the “gospel” that I am communicating with my life, the same gospel that will be preached at my death? Will the unsaved hearers at my funeral be surprised by the service? Will they be confused by the message of hope? Or will they finally be prepared to receive the gift of salvation because I had planted and watered the seed beforehand? Have I been diligent to keep them in prayer so that their hearts are already tender and willing to be opened up to Him? Is my life one of constant worship in word and deed so that the service will not require explanation or offend, but simply be the cherry on the top of the cupcake that has been my existence here on this planet?

Have I been generous and kind? Have I used every opportunity to present the hope that we have in Christ to the lost that surround me? Have I helped to bind up the hearts of the broken? Have I presented the truth with the love that is required to make the difference? Have I used the time that God has allotted me well? Will my legacy be one that has brought light to the darkness or only added to the grey? Does my life portray someone who has met the living God, who has experienced His presence, and who has been healed by His touch?

I am not sure really…. but I want it to be! God help me to live a life worthy of my calling!

Just to get you all in on the idea, here is one of the songs that I want at my funeral: