Time’s Up

I was cleaning the kitchen the other day, grumbling under my breath at the state of it. We installed a dishwasher, but the dirty dishes remain on the counter just above it. We have a garbage can right at the end of the counter, but the garbage stays piled up on top. It is so close to the garbage can that if you blew on it, it would fall in. And yet, there it is! I was lamenting about all of the effort we had put into all of the conveniences that we have and still, no one uses them. It was then that the Lord spoke to me:

“You do the same thing. I have provided My Word to show you My heart for you. A source where you can learn about Me, but you don’t read it. I have provided My Son to die for you so that you could have direct access to Me, but you don’t take advantage of it. I have provided My Spirit so that you could have the power you need to impact this world, but you don’t tap into it. What more must I do?”

“What is holding you back? Do you still not trust Me? Have I not proven Myself enough?”

“You are entering, and presently are, in a season that requires mature faith. No longer will you be able to get by on the meager morsels that you have been sampling. There is no time left for casual introductions and feel-good stories. You need Me.”

“You must choose – now – right now – whom you will serve (Josh 24:15). If it is Me, then get out of the boat (Matt 14:29). This is the time. If you remain in the boat, you may go down with it. If you get out of the boat you may be afraid that your faith is not strong enough to allow you to walk on the water, but walk or sink, I have your hand! I won’t let you drown! You must overcome your fears and doubts (Rev 12:11). It has nothing to do with you. You must trust Me. I will walk with you, but you must reach for Me. You must call out for Me. You must tap into My source of strength and power.”

“Come. I have so much to tell you. Come. I have so much to show you. Come. I have so much to give you. Just come. Jump in with both feet. I am waiting.”