One Day Too Late

A couple of days ago I went to visit a lady who was dying. I didn’t know her very well and I asked her how she was feeling and if there was something I could do to make her comfortable. So, I fluffed her pillow and straightened her blankets as she asked. But there was something inside me that said I needed to do more. She looked scared, and anxious. I started to converse about our mutual friend and it seemed to lighten her spirit. But still I felt that I needed to ask her about Jesus. There were other people around and I didn’t know if she was open at all, so I didn’t go there. I said to myself, “I will come back tomorrow.”

Well, tomorrow came, and I went to visit her again. However, now she was not able to respond to my questions. She simply stared blankly. I knew she was near death and I thought, “Oh no!” I started telling her about Jesus, that He loves her, that He died to save her, that He wants to give her new life, that He is waiting for her. No response. I started to pray that God would help her to hear my words and accept Jesus before it was too late. As I watched her light start to dim, I prayed that God would give her peace. Then I held her hand as she slipped away.

Overwhelmed with the sense of regret and shame, I hung my head and cried as I asked God to forgive me for not listening to His prompting the day before. Really, what did I hold back for? Was protecting my pride more important than her eternity? How many people would get upset if someone told them that God loved them? Really.

Later that same day, I had a friend challenge me about my faith. This time though I knew that this moment was important. I prayed silently that God would give me the words that they needed to hear. I ignored the attack and presented God’s love as well as I could. This time I felt no regret. I pray that God will use that seed to change their life.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee and a second chance may never come. So, in the words of this song, “stop saving your best for last.” Make each moment count.


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