I remember being in the arms of my husband and enjoying his presence with me. The closeness I felt is immense, but the yearning for a deeper closeness remained. I would squeeze into him a little tighter. I would say, “I need to be closer. I wish I could be so close it would be like you would be inside of me.” Unfortunately, he cannot fill me. The deepest place within that is aching to be filled can only be filled by the Spirit of God Himself. That place has been there all along, whether I was looking for Him or not. The emptiness was there and there is nothing else that can fill it. The closeness that is required to fill that place is how intimately God wants to know us and be known by us. He is not a God that is far off. He is personal. And He has been waiting for the invitation to fill that place within me that aches to be loved and surrendered to One that I can completely trust and be free with. Come Spirit, fill me!


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