I have been finding with my posts that God speaks to me on a certain subject. But then I hear the same message from the pulpit and on the radio station. While this could be confirmation of the message He is giving me, it seems that God is speaking to the church at large on the same theme. And these themes have been about us being dead without Him (The Vine and The Branches) and the necessity of the corporate church to make Him Lord (Is He Lord?). I am currently reading Desperate for His Presence by Rhonda Hughey, who reminds us that God warns His church before He removes His presence and sends them into captivity. Could these be warnings to us? Does God really need to send us into “captivity” before we see our need for Him and drop to our knees? Are we so numbed to the lack of His presence with us that seeing we do not see and hearing we do not hear (Ezekiel 12:2)? Do we not feel the movement of the Spirit so heavy on us to set our priorities in order? Is there not a sense of urgency? We must wake up from our slumber and petition God for His mercy and forgiveness for our idolatry. We must come together as a body with one voice crying out to God to not leave us to suffer the consequences of our own actions. We must move from passivity to desperation! We must not wait! Who will join me at the altar?


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