The qualities of God are manifest in His creation. The hope that is in a sunrise. The grandeur of the ocean. The miraculous power in the birth of a child. The message of God is simple. I love you. The Old Testament’s simple purpose is to show us that we need Him. And the New reveals the depths of His love for us in the death of Christ. It is simple. God loves us. He wants us to know that. He wants us to know the depth and breadth and height of His love for us. This is beyond our understanding. Just as the sunrise is beyond the capacity of our mind to take in, as is the magnitude of the ocean and the sky, and the miracle of children. We, because of our inadequate capacity to comprehend, try to break it down to elements that we can understand – we make it complicated. We pollute the simplicity of God’s love. There is no word after the period in the sentence: God loves you. There is no, if, when, but, or only. There is a period. We need to abandon the layers that we add, and embrace the magnitude and simplicity of the fact that God loves us. And our only duty is to communicate that love to others. Nothing more, nothing less. No complications. No conditions. Just love. We need to get back to the simplicity of who God is, and that He loves us. To understand the oceans of love that He has for us. Forget about the sunblock and chairs and snacks, and just see what He has before us.


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