The Vine and The Branches

Jesus told us, “I am the vine and you are the branches” (John 15:5). The vine is attached to the root – the source of life. The branches receive their supply from the vine. Christ is our source of life and we are the branches. We need Him to live. Often we are deceived into believing that we can live, albeit ineffectively, apart from Christ. This is a great lie of the devil. Apart from the vine, the branches wither and die. They cannot find the basic essentials for life separated from it. We are either getting our life from Christ and growing in Him or we are dying. There is no life apart from Him. Those days that we feel dry or not close to the Lord, the days that we choose to unplug and move through the day without Him, we are not simply unblessed, we are starving – dying. Once we choose to reconnect to the vine, the damage of the days apart must be healed. There is no immediate growth. Rehydrating and re-nourishing must happen first. Too many cycles like this and we become weak and unable to bear fruit at all. We need to be fed every day. Connected every day. Growing every day. The quality of the fruit we produce is proportional to the quality of our connection to the vine. Christ has unlimited resources for us, we need only to remain connected. Receiving. Growing. We are made to enjoy an abundant life and to produce a bountiful crop. Will we choose death instead?


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