Love. It is an immeasurable entity. Scientifically difficult to prove. But its existence is undeniable. Love is free flowing, able to fill any space. Limitless. We are not able to box it up, but we can limit it, withdraw it, deny it. We can withhold it from those that need it. It was never meant to be held back, or refused entrance to any area or any person. How often do we though? How easy is it to use love as a punishment where we can withdraw it in an effort to hurt. And it does. Who are we to deny the passage of love through us and all around us? The Scriptures tell us that God is love. God is immeasurable. God is meant to be present in the lives and hearts and experiences of all people. But how often do we limit Him? Withhold Him from others? Deny Him His place? God, love, is yearning to have free access to all who need Him. He will heal, fill, comfort and lead any who welcome His presence. How much of a roll do we play in His ability to reach people? Are we open windows through which His love can flow or bolted doors that deny His access to others?


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