Standing before a Holy God, you would expect to be afraid. Here, naked, in front of the One who sees all of you. Everything you have done or thought or wanted to. Me more than most would have much to be ashamed of. In front of anyone else we try to put our best face on and pretend that we haven’t been involved in such depavity. But here there is no hiding. The world would hate me and punish me and reject me – and it is evil. But in the presence of God, I stand completely revealed. But there is no judgement here. Nothing to be ashamed of. No fear. No worry about my looks or my thoughts or my past. I have been washed clean by the blood of Christ and God has nothing but love for me. Only love. Pure, unadulterated, intimate, completely engulfing love. Oh that I would spend more of my time here, rather than in the world!


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