God is Good

Written Mar 2015: God is good. He is always good. His desire is a deep love relationship with us. One where we can know His heart and His voice. Often in the good times we do not seek Him. We superficially praise but in reality bask in the wealth of blessings as if they are ours – the product of our own hands. When things start to hit hard times we feel less blessed. But how are we defining “blessing”? God’s desire is not that we live our life without an intimate relationship with Him, but that we are experiencing the richness of His presence in every moment. Sometimes it takes the difficult times to direct us to Him. It is in tears that our heart is open to seek and find. It is in the darkest moments that we can finally see His light. It is in the loneliness that we can finally feel His arms. It is in desperation that we experience His power. As the song says, perhaps trials are God’s mercy in disguise. God is pouring out His blessings on us. How we choose to receive them is up to us. He is good. He is always good.


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