Our Wishes versus God’s will

Written Sept 2012: I think there are a couple of ways to look at this issue. One is that if we try to change our wishes to match up with God’s will, maybe we will not want whatever that is. Maybe God will ask me to go be a missionary in the Congo or something. So then I hesitate to ask God to change my desires to match His. However, God knows us and made us and designed us for a purpose that He set out ahead of time. If I am doing that purpose, then I will be doing the one thing that will bring me the most fulfillment and blessing and joy. There is no reason to hesitate to ask for that. The other thought is the mysterious “God’s will” that we are talking about. Often I have always thought of it as some elusive, secret knowledge that I may or may not become privy to . But in reality, I do not believe that God’s will is meant to be so hard to know or find. God wants us to live the life He designed for us to live. And as we live it, we are to experience abundant joy and blessing, thus bringing glory to Him. The way to know His will for any particular issue/problem is to be walking with Him daily. To be so close to Him that every decision is made in the light of His will and precepts. Why should I expect that I can live a life away from Him every day, doing my own thing, and then when the hard decisions come along that suddenly I will be enlightened with the heart of God?? It is my responsibility and God’s will that I know Him well enough to be in tune with Him all the time and then the hard decisions, while not being made easy, will at least be less frightening and anxiety provoking. There is so much reward to be had if only I will seek out the Lord every day: joy and peace and blessing and abundance…. why would I not want that?


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