Diversity versus Unity

Written Sept 2012: I like to think of myself as an individual. One that God made special. But then, the Bible tells us that we are part of one Body. Sometimes when I think of myself as part of a Body, I think that my individuality gets swallowed up and I become insignificant. But indeed I was created special, and I have been uniquely gifted and will be individually rewarded when I get to Heaven. I do not lose all of that as part of the Body. I have been given all of that to fulfill my irreplaceable role in the Body! I am not just one of a billion insignificant specs, but a vital part meant to communicate love and edify the rest of God’s people with the gifts and talents that I have been given, so that we collectively will glorify God. So then I have to wonder, what gifts have I been given that I should be using to glorify God, edify His people and communicate love? How should I be doing it?


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